Typhoon Charters

Captain Andrew Marshall is a third generation fishermen from the South Shore of Massachusetts.  We are lucky enough to live on an area around Cape CodBay that is one of the most productive fisheries on the planet.  Every morning,  we sit back in awe and enjoy “the greatest show on earth”.  On any given day, you can easily target 4 -5 species of fish as well as enjoy fantastic scenery and as an added bonus, enjoy a whale watch.  Typhoon Charters specializes in Striped Bass, Groundfish, Bluefish and Bluefin tuna fishing.  In the spring, we begin our season with Cod, Haddock and Pollock fishing east of Stellwagen Bank. In mid-May we enjoy fantastic Striped Bass fishing both with wire line jigs and live mackerel. In mid to late June, the first bluefin tuna arrive and we begin to target them using light tackle. In early July, the first run of Giant bluefin tuna arrive and we target them with live baits.   We run combination bluefin tuna/bass and bluefish charters all summer.  In the fall, the giant tuna return to our waters and focus on them through November.

We look forward to fishing with you !

Captain Andrew