What to Bring

Location: Taylor Marina. 95 Central St, Marshfield MA. Please be there at 5am unless otherwise specified. Please don’t be late. The parking lot is adjacent to several residential homes so please be courteous.

Things to bring: If you get seasick, Dramamine. Take it, you’ll need it. The boat supplies lunch meats, chips and rolls. I would bring a sweatshirt in case you get cold in the morning. You are responsible for your own adult beverages. Cooler space is limited so if at all possible consolidate the coolers. I would also plan on bringing coffee and a snack for breakfast. Bring sunscreen and lip balm. You’ll need it. When you’re out fishing everything gets sunburned. Ears, lips, eyelids and feet.

Weather: Due to safety concerns, I will try and provide a two day notice on weather conditions. The marine forecasts are not perfect. If need be, the Captain is responsible for the days call on weather conditions. If for some reason we need to cancel due to weather I will refund your initial deposit or we can re-schedule.

Look forward to seeing everyone and catching some fish.

Captain Andrew